07.08Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century: 07.08

July 31, 2008

A Letter From Madame Elisabeth

On October 16, 1789 Madame Elisabeth writes to Abbé de Lubersac:
"The Queen, who has incredible courage, begins to be in better favor with the people. I hope that in time, and by unremitting prudence, we may regain the love of the Parisians, who have merely been deceived.

But, sir, the people of Versailles! Have you ever seen more frightful ingratitude? No; I think that Heaven in wrath peopled that city with monsters out of hell. How long it will take to make them recognize their injustice! And if I were king, how long it would take me to believe in their repentance! What ingrates toward an honest man!

Would you believe, sir, that all our misfortunes, far from bringing me back to God, give me a veritable disgust for all that relates to prayer? Beg of Heaven for me the grace not to abandon everything. . . . Ask also that the reverses of France may recall to a better mind those who have contributed to them by their irreligion."

July 30, 2008

Mothers Know Best

The similarities between Lady Spencer and Maria Theresa have sometimes been brought up between Heather and I. They were mothers who knew best, knew what was best for their daughters, and in particular knew how their daughters should behave.

 But daughters are notorious for behaving badly- unless you are the daughter of the marquis du Châtel. Anyway! This series will take a look at some letters from mom to daughter.

Family Tree: Meet Marie's Family

Welcome to the Habsburg-Lorraine family tree post! This is a large mini project where by the end we will have met the henhouse that was Marie's family. I will post information in different installments, introducing the children of Maria Theresa and Francis I from eldest to youngest.

July 28, 2008

A Look at The Duchess and Marie Antoinette

Heather has been keeping us posted on the progress of the new movie on Georgiana, The Duchess. She did her own comparison between the new promotional poster for The Duchess and the one for Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. So just for fun I decided to do a little shot to shot comparison of the movie trailers for The Duchess and Marie Antoinette.

Architecture. It all starts with a dramatic view of fabulous architecture! This is actually what started my comparisons a few weeks back, the fun architectural shots! Here we have Marie Antoinette on the left and The Duchess on the right.

Entrance. Okay now we present our ladies! The queen and the duchess. They make their grand entrances by coming out of their berline/carriage.

Greetings. Heads up ladies! Everyone is waiting for you!!!

Men at Dining Tables. Introducing the 18th century man of the house. Husbands! they can usually be found at the dining table as is the case here!

The Upset Walk. Not everything is fine and dandy in a socialites life. Sometimes times get tough and overwhelmed you walk quickly through your home :o(

The Other Man. Things get a little happier though when another man comes around. The other man shot is a classic!

Dramatic Stare. But having another man is stressful! What are you to do with 2 men?? LIFE IS TOUGH **
:o( Here we get serious as we stare into our husbands eyes and think ____.

Running in Gowns. Unable to cope with it anymore emotions take control and the only solution is to run dramatically in full dress through the house!

Sex. Alright ladies! Time to cool down, 18th century style!

The Dramatic 'All Eyes On Her' Pose. After all is said and done we cannot forget that all eyes are on the stars here. The toughest part of being in the spotlight is that you cannot escape it.

** My comments are not actual movie plots!!!

July 23, 2008

About Who???

Can you guess who this description is about?

A lady whom was highly fashionable, -the height of fashion- (her name is being with held!) this is her account of how both her and her husbands fortunes were lost:
(Their fortunes were lost through...) "His unbridled passion for women of bad morals, joined to his fondness for gambling."

Oh for shame! Who is this man of idle pleasures and bad luck at cards?

July 21, 2008

Petit Trianon and Petit Hameau

You must take a moment to look at this post about Trianon's English style gardens and Petit Hameau. It is not only very interesting but has beautiful images to accompany it! I highly recommend! :o)

It is agreed Marie felt confined to the strict rituals of court life, and her choice of keeping an English style garden at Trianon (her retreat from Versailles) is visual proof of a separation from the formal bounds of her life. The English gardens represented freedom more so than the French formal gardens* because with the later your eye was bound to only look where the designer directed you. Whereas the former style allows your eye to roam freely across the landscape. In fact it becomes difficult to tell where the 'garden' ends and the landscape begins because it is designed so naturalistic.
Extravagant? Yes.

Also, if you are a fan of WE TV like Ms Heath and I, you might want to check out tonight's episode at 7:00pm Eastern. Yes, it is a Persian theme, but they have the wedding at a location in LA that is modeled after the Petit Trianon in Versailles!

*of course both gardens are designed by a landscape architect and no matter what you are seeing what was intended by said designer. It is all in theory!

About ?? who ??

Can you figure out what 18th century socialite this description is about??

"She is a charming and honorable woman, somewhat young, a little thoughtless, but essentially decent and virtuous...she also has spirit and a keenness which surprised me. Her first reaction is always correct; if she would only act according to it, . . . and pay less attention to the gossips, . . . she would be perfect."


July 19, 2008

I'm Not Addicted to Drugs, I'm Addictd to Glamour Edition II

So....I came across a quote from Vogue UK, on glamor, and I thought I would share it with you.

"Something that that is available to all with no effort involved is very, very rarely glamorous. To be glamorous, a thing has to be in part inaccessible, difficult to possess - whether through rarity or expense."


I also came across a fun article that looks at Vogue's list of the most glamorous people found here:

Who’s glamorous? The Queen or Victoria Beckham?

(ooo This tart in blue looks tres glamorous!)

Why did they chose who they chose, and can everyone be glamorous? Probably not, (well not to Vogue's standards) but we can still try!

A fashionably dressed young woman 1787

Michel Garnier, A Fashionably Dressed young Woman in the Arcade of the Palais Royal. 1787, Oil on canvas. Private.

July 18, 2008

Day Dreams! Sleep Like an Aristocrat

So you wake up and have to go to work. You can only think about when you get to go home and go back to sleep, oh how happy you will be! All day at work you just want to nap. You get home and finally crawl back into your little corner of retreat. Your fabulous bed! Who cares if you are being a recluse! The sheets are silky smooth, your pillows cool to the touch! not to mention the aesthetic pleasures of it all.

Want your bed to be tres fabulous? Want to sleep like a true royal? I did a little look (inspired by my soon-to-be wedded friend Katie) to see exactly how we can sleep like an 18th century Gossip Girl would have! So enjoy!

What is your favorite???