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January 30, 2009

Take Some Tea

Anglomanie left all sorts of wonderful English delights in France, and particularly to the court. In some instances women would sell diamonds to purchase expensive English style beads, to keep up with fashion of course! A major trend that hit was the pleasure of taking tea.

Many ladies would spend their evenings in, having tea and enjoying each others sober company. A particular service was Devonshire Tea, which we can safely assume Georgiana spent many a day enjoying. Devonshire Tea is also known as Cream Tea. When enjoying this service, gather your closest friends, prepare scones, have a plate of clotted cream and a small bowl of jam for spreading, and a pot of tea to share!
Paris Atelier said...

What a wonderful tradition! I'm going to start inviting the girls over for tea more! A la Antoinette! ;)

Polonaise said...

Do not get me started on clotted cream! It also leads to the downward spiral of jam, butter and lemon curd. Yum!!

I like the chance to add a little ritual/ceremony to everyday life. And a chance to use gorgeous goodies like cups, saucers, tongs. And we all need to stop and smell the roses.

Ms. Lucy said...

Hi! I love tea and the whole etiquette thing that goes with it- I'll be posting somthing about a wonderful site real soon.

elizaward said...

I'm not the biggest fan of tea but I love teacups and scones! And Polonaise, you spoke my mind once again!

Heather Carroll said...

Celestial Seasonings sells Devonshire Morning tea! Or was is Derbyshire Morning tea? Now I can't remember...Although it's in my overflowing tea cabinet and has a cute little cottage on the box. It was too weak for my taste of morning teas, for that I like my Barrys or Typhoo.

Ms. Lucy said...

Me again- I linked you in my 'Tea' post;-)



madeleinemiranda said...

Oh yummy yummy cream teas! Fantastic post!

Mademoiselle M.


YSLGuy said...

Those scones look so yummy. What a great idea, a tea party. I always enjoy your site.

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