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February 12, 2009

Fashionable Male: 19th Century Dandies just for fun!

I know I am jumping a little ahead of myself here, time wise, but I found this post, and I thought maybe some of you might enjoy it. It's all pictures... fashion pictures. You know we love the fashionable male here. I shared some below, enjoy!

Ninon said...

This was gorgeous! Thanks for the link! :)

YSLGuy said...

Amazing! If only men dressed like that nowadays.

George Hanger said...

YSLGuy - yes, I am dismayed at how shabbily young men, especially, dress these days. If you are to win the hearts of the ladies, dress to impress, as the saying goes!
Did I read correctly that these garment are made by modern clothiers? (someone correct me if I'm wrong) Perhaps I can expand my old wardrobe...
I hope to see more men wearing such natty attire!
Thank you for sharing, madam.

Lauren said...

Yes! some of the designers are
Hugo Boss
Paul & Joe
Geoffrey & Small

Polonaise said...

Ohhh!!! If only men still dressed with a little care. These outfits are so smart and stylish. (Gotta love that Gaultier!) I'm still debating whether or not I like a black cravat or stock, but I definitely like the lapels/revers.

I also quite like the hair on Man 5. I wonder if that's what the Windswept looked like. I'll have to dig around in my books and see what I can find.

Heather Carroll said...

*swoon* I need my smelling salts

YSLGuy said...

Dsquared has always done well by mixing the English gentleman hunting at the family estate with jeans and such. Check out some of thier past collections. Very interesting.

Lauren said...

Oh awesome! Checking it out now!

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