The Queen just cant win! | Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century: The Queen just cant win!

October 12, 2009

The Queen just cant win!

"Her very beauty of feature, of complexion, of carriage, counted against her. Stateliness was seen as arrogance, amiability ascribed to frivolity. She laughed a great deal and was therefore considered mocking."

There is no such thing as bad publicity? When the gossip got hot with Antoinette, you might think that yes, there was such thing as bad publicity, very very bad! The smallest things that she was involved with would turn into fabulous stories.

When Antoinette would dine with a girlfriend (bosom-friend if you will) it made for good gossip.  The rumors would fly: Who does that? Why would any Queen be dining with a lady like that?  She couldn't throw the smallest party without it becoming an extravagant event.  And when rumors about small gambling losses started, they were easily turned into losses that were "wasting state treasure."

Now of course there were losses that were not small by any means, but she didn't do as bad as Georgiana! Extravagance!

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  1. Lauren, now you know that Georgiana will resemble that remark!!!

  2. She was very unfairly picked on, poor thing.

  3. I guess that bad press was "invented" around that time, at least Marie Antoinette was one of the first famous victims of it. When people WANT to put you down, there isn't really anything you can do right. Pour Marie Antoinette, she was to much of a gentle nature herself to ever foresee the outcome of that.

  4. I meant 'poor' of course... *blush*