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November 17, 2010

About Him: Du de Choiseul

"He was witty and gallant, and gifted with manners so elegant and fascinating that they never failed to remove the first unfavourable impression caused by his excessive plainness" 

Madeleine said...

Thanks for including the link to Amazon. I went straight there and ordered the book.

Madame Constant said...

Oh, I love his apple green suit! Who is that next to him, in pink? Kitty Lou (Katherine Louise)

Lauren said...

@Madeleine no prob!

@Madame Constant oh good question! It is presumed to be his lady-friend Madame de Brionne

lononsarah said...

Madame de Brionne is a lovely woman. I always wondered who that was next to her.

Madame Constant said...

I found the full painting, quite lovely. I googled Madame de Brionne, then looked at the second listing--there they are!

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