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January 12, 2011

The Pleasures of the Seasons/ Snowed In

Johann Georg Platzer, Winter [The Pleasures of the Seasons]. Early/mid 18th Century, oil on copper. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Wednesday I plan to be snowed in!  If I am not I will be very disappointed and you will hear about it on Twitter surely.

So I thought I would share just what I do on such days:  host a lavish party, make sure the fire is going, invite all my friends, most of whom need to stay over because they can't get their carriages shoveled out, we have lots of food and I ensure every one has plenty of good wine to drink, play cards, Heather always comes a little late because she sleeps in but she brings the pink champagne and flirts with the boys! It is a great time!

Are you snowed in?  If you are I hope you can escape or gain some inspiration from Platzer's winter scene.  The Austrian painter certainly knew how to find a joyful side of January!


  1. Lucky you if you are! I had hoped to be snowed in, but alas, we only got about 4 inches of snow which in SE Michigan, is really nothing. *sigh* A cozy day in front of the fireplace with a good book just sounded so lovely...

  2. Those parties sound lovely. I can't wait for spring. Nothing like a picnic to cheer me up. Oh, where did I put my parasol?

  3. I am so snowed in I might have to pop the pink champagne alone!

  4. Lucky you! Raise a glass for me, would you? It's nasty and messy here, but I'm able to get out *sigh*

  5. I'm not snowed in, but looking at this painting, I wish I was.

  6. Have you ever heard Meaghan Smith's song "It Snowed"? It's perfect for this subject!