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March 03, 2011

Petit Trianon

 Have you ever noticed the architecture of Petit Trianon?  The pavilion-esque building is surrounded by gardens in English and French styles. With such a simple exterior the gardens really brought beauty to the building.  Filled with flowers of all varieties, they were exactly what Marie Antoinette loved which helped to make the place ideal for her.

Image source: Flickr
Marie Antoinette did not design the building, although it was given to her as a gift from her Louis shortly after he was crowned king.  It was originally built by Louis XV's architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel between 1762 and 1768.  Petit Trianon became Gabriel's best known work.

The columns that decorate the building are Corinthian, the most spiritual order.  Built with smooth stone masonry, Petit Trianon stands two stories high, with quarters below for the staff.  The building is square in shape measuring eighty ft long, plenty of room for intimate parties and guests! 


  1. Hi, do you have any links to floorplans or know of any books on the Trianon?


    look familiar?

  3. @Karen Hmm... try:
    Illustrated guide to the Trianon palace and gardens. 1891. Versailles: L. Bernard.

    Practical and illustrated guide to the palace and park of Versailles and the Trianons; history of the town and of the palace, plans of the gardens and of the Trianons, practical information. 1900. Versailles: A. Cossé.

    and maybe

    Kemp, Gérald van der, Simone Hoog, and Daniel Meyer. 1981. Versailles: the château, the gardens, and Trianon : complete guide. New York: Vilo.

    @Princess Kate WOW That does look a bit familiar!! Have you been inside?

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  5. I was there about a year ago, and it is an absolute paradise!

  6. I cant wait to go someday and see it! Along with the rest of Versailles and the gardens.
    You should make a post about the farmer's village she had built on the grounds.

  7. does anyone know how square meters/square feet is the Petit Trianon? i am super curious how big is the mini version of Versailles.

  8. Versailles has a floor plan the ?bathroom,storage was in the middle with bedroom suites fasing it all around on 2stories.