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March 11, 2011

Wedding Ceremony: Marie Antoinette and Louis

I found this excellent account of the wedding ceremony between Marie Antoinette and her Louis (soon to be King Louis XVI!) This is not about the festivities, which are no doubt fun, but the actual ceremony that took place.

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"This Prelate, after addressing the Dauphin and Dauphiness, began the ceremony by the benediction of thirteen pieces of gold, and of a gold ring, which he presented to the Dauphin, who put the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand of the Dauphiness, and gave her the thirteen pieces of gold. The marriage ceremony being finished, and the Dauphin and Dauphiness having received the nuptial benediction, the King returned to his pew, and the Great Almoner began mass; during which the King's Musick performed an anthem composed by Abbe Gauzargues, Master of Musick to his Majesty. After the offertory, the Dauphin and Dauphiness went to the offering, and at the end of the Pater, a canopy silver brocade was spread over their heads..."

University of Oxford. 1770. The Oxford magazine: Or, University museum. Volume 4. London: Printed for the authors.

It makes me wonder, what would David Tutera think? Sounds a bit like a My Fair Wedding.  I think he would like it...!

*Prelate is a lead clergyman and Pater refers to the prayer Our Father.


  1. I spent way too long (in vain) trying to find a picture of the face David Tutera makes when the brides tearfully thank him at the end. The joke has been lost!

  2. not so! I got it immediately. I found this blog called Paris in New York. Its been a few years since she has posted a blog but it is still worth checking out.

  3. Magnifique! This makes me tingle. Thanks for posting it!