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April 15, 2011

Royal Wedding at Versailles: interpretation

Inspired by all the talk of Royal Weddings, I have compiled some lush images straight from Sofia Coppola's 2006 interpretation of Marie Antoinette's royal wedding.  The wedding was only a brief chapter in the movie, but the filming, costumes, decor and choreography were very impressive.  The ceremony was shot in quite a bit more detail than I had expected, and even the reception is included (with full dances and toasts!).  Reception photos after the jump!

Ok everyone, enjoy all the royal wedding fuss! Lets have a relaxing weekend. Pull out the pearls and hey, why not open a bottle of champagne? Cheers!

Oh wait that is not all.... more photos! (as I looked through these it is like an 18th century wedding album lol)

Are you still with me? On to the reception! Heather's favorite parts of weddings!

Ms. Lucy said...

Love it - Thanks! This wedding still stands as the most splendid for me. I love the last photo- I forgot about that!

Heather Carroll said...

I just noticed that Louis' ring looks very similar to Kate's engagement ring!

Vic said...

Had this movie's music choices been better, I would see it more often simply for the costumes and sets. I cannot imagine how expensive these scenes were to film.

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