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July 19, 2011

Travel Tuesday: 18th century places, people and parties

Stuck at home? Work? Or are you staying in to escape the northeastern heat waves?

I have a huge folder called places and it is one of my favorite files of images. I put together this video of places from the 18th century.  Starting in the country and areas just outside Paris, are images of people busy, moving through streets, farms or markets.

After this the images change from black and white to color, with ladies moving through promenades, to parties and card games.  The trip ends with several grand buildings.

So consider this your 5 minute 'escape' on an otherwise slow Tuesday!

Vinery said...

What a wonderful escape--thank you for posting this video. You featured some especially interesting places, people and parties, and selected great background music, too.

hierogothic said...

Thank you! That was like a 5 minute vacation to the 18th century!

Lauren said...

@Vinery & @Hierogothic you are welcome! :)

Katherine Louise said...

Oh thank you! I agree with the others, a beautiful vacation. And the music was perfect.

Canterberry said...

this is lovely! what is the song you used?

Lucy said...


Lisa said...

what a beautiful blog!
i love it!!
i have also some marie antoinette posts on my blog, maybe you want so see it:)
im from germany and all my posts are in german, but you can translate it with google:)

have a nice day,
lisa xx

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