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December 14, 2011

These Perfumes are Inspired by Marie Antoinette's Favorite 18th Century Fragrances

Here is another edition of 18th century inspired gifts for the holiday season. Our theme is perfume!

This one is recommended by reader Bittersweet, Black Jade perfume which is a modern recreation of Marie Antoinette's favorite(and last) fragrance she wore before the revolution claimed her life. The historic perfume house Lubin created the fragrance for the Queen, and the original ingredients for the fragrance were kept in the perfumers books.

A Scented Palace: The Secret History of Marie Antoinette's Perfumer

If you have taken my advice, you may have read the recent book that recently came out: A Scented Palace: The Secret History of Marie Antoinette's Perfumer.  The perfumer Jean-Louis Fargeon worked with Marie Antoinette on creating several fragrances and this one, originally Bouquet de la Reine, is now recreated with a modern spin for us!

The name of the fragrance is Black Jade. The name came from the black vial which it was kept in (worn as a necklace).

Fragrance notes in Black Jade.

You can find Black Jade at:

DSH Perfumes
If you are looking for authentic 18th century fragrances, look no further than DSH Perfumes, who created the Perfumed Court Collection. This was a limited edition collection created based on in depth research on Marie Antoinette and the courts of Louis XV and XVI.  You can still pick up three of the best fragrances, including Eau de Trianon, Eau de Coquette and Aqua Admirabilis (aka Eau de Cologne).  Check out my interview with Dawn, the creator of this collection here!
Purchase the fragrances here.

If you are searching for an 18th century fragrance for that special guy... you may want to check out Pimpernel, offered by Pimpernel clothing. Made and inspired by the “oldest perfume house in France… a supplier of fragrance to King Louis XV and his court at Versailles” this eau de toilette is:

“perfect for a nocturnal visit to a lady in waiting at le Petit Trianon, and reminiscent of those lazy Summer afternoons sipping champagne on the lawn while evading hawk-eyed chaperones.” 
Super sad- They now only ship within the EU.  Pick up a bottle of Pimpernel here.
Follow Pimpernel:  @pimpernel1789

More recently, New York City based perfumers Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi of Le Labo have teamed up with florist Thierry Boutemy and perfumer Barnabé Fillion to create a new fragrance reminiscent of Marie Antoinette's gardens.
New Perfume captures the fragrance of Marie Antoinette's gardens

Happy shopping! *waves fan

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  1. What wonderful ideas! All the scents sounds lovely!

  2. I am glad this caught your attention.
    I would like to smell it some day, I am curious about its scent because there is a story that Marie Antoinette was recognized by her perfume when on escape. It must be really original scent or it is also possible that common people were not using perfumes at all, so they were able to track down aristocrats just by their smell :D

  3. I recently decided to start trying perfume, so of course I had to rush out and order some Black Jade! We'll see how it goes... thanks for the tip!


  4. "Vile" is an adjective, used to describe something bad. I think you meant "vial", a small container.

  5. Oh, if only I could smell through the computer!~~Heidilea

  6. Report: "Black Jade" passes muster with my husband... although he commented that he didn't know how to feel about his wife wearing a dead woman's scent. It's an interesting perfume-- I tend to think of all perfumes as smelly very alike, very "perfumey", but this one smells like a lady's scent without causing the same reaction from me. I'll definitely be giving it a second try.


  7. @Lylassandra thank you for reporting back to us on Black Jade!! I am just about to order it for myself! :)

  8. ooOOoooOO! Black Jade looks exquisite. Have you smelled this? Do you love?

  9. i will defo try to find this! something else i've jus brought are these pink toile bedsheets from M&S <3, they have georgian like figures on, outside on swings and such > >