10.11Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century: 10.11

October 31, 2011

Madame de Pompadour and Louis XV

A description of Louis XV from 1747

Art: haunting works

Francisco de Goya, Half-submerged Dog. Painting, 1819-1823. Museo del Prado

Inspired by Heather's The Witching Hour post, I thought I would ask you if there were any paintings you find spooky, creepy or scary??  These can be from the 18th century or any other period.

October 28, 2011

The Devil in the Holy Water is now a paperback

Just heard that Uni Pennsylvania Press is releasing The Devil in the Holy Water as a paperback book,  so if you didn't pick up the hardcover version, now you can get the more affordable version!

Why would you be interested in this book?

October 26, 2011

Before an 18th century Ball #art

Jean-François de Troy, Before the Ball. Oil on canvas, 1735. The J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center

I absolutely love this painting, and thought I would share it.  So much to do and excitement before a ball, you can feel the anticipation from everyone. 

October 24, 2011

An account of a Masquerade in Turin

Louis-Joseph Le Lorrain, Three Figures Dressed for a Masquerade. Oil on canvas, 1740s.  The National Gallery of Art (Washington, D.C.)

Thanks to the art of journal keeping and letter writing during the 18th century, I have come across a very interesting account of a Masquerade thrown in Turin in 1774. 

October 20, 2011

October 12, 2011

Decorative Arts: A perfect gift to her mother, the Empress of Austria

Martin van Meytens II, Portrait of the Empress 
Maria-Theresa of Austria. Oil on canvas,
c. 1745-1750. The John and Mable Ringling
Museum of Art.
Don't you just love furniture?! Having exquisite pieces not only enhanced your home in the 18th century, but spoke to your tastes in the finer things, making a statement to all of your friends and visitors.  One one occasion in 1777, Marie Antoinette herself had a  beautiful table created, which she thought ideal for her mother.

October 10, 2011

Caption this 18th century drawing

Anonymous (French), Two dancing male figures in a landscape. Gouache on paper, 18th century. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

 Leave your caption  for this work in the comments section.  Wit is appreciated, have a good Monday!
/heads out to dance in the landscape

October 09, 2011

Attend a Chasse Royale á Versailles

Nicolas Lancret, The Picnic after the Hunt. Oil on canvas c. 1740. The National Gallery of Art (Washington, D.C.)

An event is being held today in the forest of Versailles, yes, a Chasse Royale! But you can attend if you want, admission is free because it is all happening in....Second Life!

October 03, 2011

The Fashionable Male: Fabre d'Eglantine

Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Fabre d'Eglantine.  Oil on canvas, around 1775-94. Musée du Louvre, Paris, France

This week's fashionable male is Philippe François Nazaire Fabre d'Eglantine as seen here, by famed painter Greuze.