On Poitiers Cathedral | Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century: On Poitiers Cathedral

June 26, 2012

On Poitiers Cathedral

Poitiers Cathedral, 1840s.
Not even a Cathedral is safe to time.

"Where were originally placed statutes of princes and bishops, there are now only elegant baldachins separated and supported by little columns. The barbarians of the close of the Eighteenth Century raised their hammers against that magnificent decoration and reduced it to powder." 
Jean-Jacques Bourassé on Poitiers Cathedral


  1. I'm in France right now, and have been saddened at how much of the medieval cathedrals have been destroyed (I didn't even want to go to Notre Dame de Paris, since I knew there wasn't a lot inside there after the Revolution and it's mostly been restored from Victorian times.) I'm in Reims now where stuff was in good shape till WW1, and they've apparently done pretty good jobs of restoring it, but still a lot of the statues are ruined.

  2. @Gibson Girl Edwardian Fashion I believe they have just finished 'restoring' chartes cathedral...have you been yet? let us know how it came out!! There was a lot of controversy because they really cleaned up the century old soot stains and it changed the whole feel of the building...