August 03, 2012

The Robe à la française [Poll]

It's the Fashion!
Today I want to remind you of the enduring fashion that was the Robe à la française, which provided (along with the support of big hoop skirts) the ideal feminine shape/form of the 18th century.

Check out these four beautiful 18th century gowns. Then answer the Poll at the bottom of this post. Which Robe à la française would be in your closet?

Pink and cream Gown
  (Robe à la française), French. 1765-1770, Beige taffeta, pink satin, and cream satin stripes brocaded with a pink, green, and white floral motif, compound weave; pink, green, and beige fly fringe; cream bobbin lace edging. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Blue and Cream Gown 
 (Robe à la française), French. 1760-1770, Silk front Cream taffeta patterned with light blue, navy blue and gray serpentine floral stripe motif, lampas weave; yellow plain weave; blue and cream looped braid trim; cream twill. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Floral Gown 
(Robe à la française), French. c. 1755-60, Chinese export silk-brocaded satin, silk and silk chenille looped fringe.  Philadelphia Museum of Art

Cream Brocade Dress 
 (Robe à la Française), French. 1770, Cream silk with floral motif, lace edging and  The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Which robe à la française would be in your closet?


  1. It's so hard to choose from among these gorgeous gowns. I would honestly love to have one of each. :) Thank you for sharing these lovely fashions!

  2. They are all great. They all have something I like and something I would tell the seamstress to do it different ;)

    I wrote a short article about robe á la francaise in today´s designer´s works. It might interest you: http://quaintrelle-georgiana.blogspot.cz/2012/07/robe-la-francaise.html

  3. @Miss Nicole You are welcome!

    @Georgiana Thanks for sharing your article :)