November 17, 2012

Marie Antoinette at the Yale Repertory Theatre

Marie Antoinette YRT, T Charles Erickson http://tcharleserickson.photoshelter.com tcepix@com
For a limited time Marie Antoinette was performed at the Yale Repertory Theatre.  The production was produced by Rebecca Taichman, and was a take on Marie Antoinette that was contemporary and playful, and very colorful (literally!). 

The costumes also bordered on the modern, and in a recent NYT review, they were described as "sumptuous finery...rewarding to look at." A more glowing review can be found here, both insisting that visually this is a very stunning play.  I missed the show, did you see it?  There is a show at 8pm tonight!

Check out a peek at the show:

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