September 13, 2012

Art du Jour! The Musical Duo

Gabriel Jacques de Saint-Aubin, The Musical Duo. Circa 1772, transparent and opaque watercolor with gum glaze additions and brown and black ink over graphite on cream laid paper. Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

September 10, 2012

18th Century Cats in paintings

Jean Jacques Bachelier, White angora cat chasing a butterfly (Chat angora blanc guettant un papillon). 18th Century, oil on canvas. Musée Lambinet.
Maybe I am inspired by @arthistorycat but I feel like I keep coming across paintings featuring 18th century French kittens! Well, adu cats too! Enjoy

Jean-Baptiste Perronneau, Magdaleine Pinceloup de la Grange, née de Parseval. 1747, oil on canvas. The J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center.

Jean-Baptiste Greuze, The Wool Winder. Circa 1759, oil on canvas. The Frick Collection.