June 12, 2013

Elegant Looking at a Miniature Portrait #art

Michel Garnier, Elegant Looking at a Miniature Portrait. 18th century, oil on canvas. Sotheby's Paris.
Some Wednesday eye-candy. I am absolutely in love with this painting- I mean look at her shoes! That hair! That hat!  I could go on, but this one really invites the viewer to step into the moment/period. Thank goodness for the Dutch influence on Garnier.  Click on the details below for larger images.


  1. Rob de Bree @Dezilvereneeuw13 June 2013 04:39

    Hello Lauren,

    A very lovely painting indeed! Interesting and significant details!

    And thanks for the mention of the influence on it by the Dutch painters.

  2. Rob de Bree @Dezilvereneeuw13 June 2013 04:43

    The letter in her hands! The bird is out of the cage! She has a perfect lover!