March 29, 2014

Beautiful Marie Antoinette and 18th century inspired Bridal Shower

What happens when an artist / art historian / blogger needs a fitting bridal shower? Well I have no problems saying that this bridal shower is everything I would have envisioned for myself, thanks to some amazing bridesmaids and my mom. They are not only super creative but fabulous bakers and they pulled this off. A pretty outdoor garden type party, with teas, treats and lovely people. It was just too much! Here is what resulted. Enjoy!

We had it outside, it rained but no one will remember that! Photo by Kathryn Bilharz Gabriel

Everyone arriving and checking things out. But desserts are for later... Photo by Kathryn Bilharz Gabriel
One of my fav pics! *the spread*  Photo by Erinn Elizabeth
Tea sandwiches and lunch items are elegantly labeled. Photo by Kathryn Bilharz Gabriel
Amazing custom bridal shower games! These were such a surprise.  Photo by Kathryn Bilharz Gabriel
Punches, teas and infused waters!  Photo by Erinn Elizabeth
I told you these girls were incredible~ Look at all that! Photo by Kathryn Bilharz Gabriel
Drinks! All created by culinary photographer/chef Jessica Harris. Photo by Kathryn Bilharz Gabriel
Photo by Erinn Elizabeth

Photo by Kathryn Bilharz Gabriel

Curious about the cupcakes??

 We had Champagne cupcakes which were amazing and my favorite -  vanilla cupcakes but throw in some champagne (not expensive stuff) when you make the batter. And if you use a pink champagne, they come out slightly pink!  

so. good. 

The decadent ones with the pink frosting are Frist Kiss Cupcakes or something like that. They are are baked with a Hershey kiss in the middle and have a vanilla frosting with pureed cherries for color and flavor.  And a chocolate coverd cherry to top it off (yes decadent) 

And then we had vanilla rainbow cupcakes - simple vanilla cupcakes colored to make a rainbow pattern. Yum!

Dessert! Photo by Kathryn Bilharz Gabriel

More dessert. Photo by Kathryn Bilharz Gabriel

I collected a ton of vintage silver pieces for the shower and the wedding. Lace table cloth is my grandmother's and we just placed it over a plastic pale-green table cloth cover.  Photo by Kathryn Bilharz Gabriel

Ok so I lucked out because most of my maids are artists/chefs (even my mom) so we had a crew of creative types. I hope you enjoyed the pics! Feel free to ask any questions if you are looking for ideas, I am more than happy to share!