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July 21, 2008

About ?? who ??

Can you figure out what 18th century socialite this description is about??

"She is a charming and honorable woman, somewhat young, a little thoughtless, but essentially decent and virtuous...she also has spirit and a keenness which surprised me. Her first reaction is always correct; if she would only act according to it, . . . and pay less attention to the gossips, . . . she would be perfect."



  1. Hmm just a wild guess but Lambelle?

  2. no! not Lambelle! good guess though!! :o)

  3. Marie Antoinette herself? This sounds vaguely like her brother, Joseph II.

  4. Oh! and Elyse has hit it right on the mark!!!!!

    It is in fact a description of Marie by Joseph II in a letter to brother Leopold, April 1777.