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July 28, 2008

A Look at The Duchess and Marie Antoinette

Heather has been keeping us posted on the progress of the new movie on Georgiana, The Duchess. She did her own comparison between the new promotional poster for The Duchess and the one for Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. So just for fun I decided to do a little shot to shot comparison of the movie trailers for The Duchess and Marie Antoinette.

Architecture. It all starts with a dramatic view of fabulous architecture! This is actually what started my comparisons a few weeks back, the fun architectural shots! Here we have Marie Antoinette on the left and The Duchess on the right.

Entrance. Okay now we present our ladies! The queen and the duchess. They make their grand entrances by coming out of their berline/carriage.

Greetings. Heads up ladies! Everyone is waiting for you!!!

Men at Dining Tables. Introducing the 18th century man of the house. Husbands! they can usually be found at the dining table as is the case here!

The Upset Walk. Not everything is fine and dandy in a socialites life. Sometimes times get tough and overwhelmed you walk quickly through your home :o(

The Other Man. Things get a little happier though when another man comes around. The other man shot is a classic!

Dramatic Stare. But having another man is stressful! What are you to do with 2 men?? LIFE IS TOUGH **
:o( Here we get serious as we stare into our husbands eyes and think ____.

Running in Gowns. Unable to cope with it anymore emotions take control and the only solution is to run dramatically in full dress through the house!

Sex. Alright ladies! Time to cool down, 18th century style!

The Dramatic 'All Eyes On Her' Pose. After all is said and done we cannot forget that all eyes are on the stars here. The toughest part of being in the spotlight is that you cannot escape it.

** My comments are not actual movie plots!!!


  1. I remember you talking about this when it first came out; now that you made the comparison it is crazy how they follow a weird trailer-y plot line!

  2. I know! the trailer-y plot line to suck you in!