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August 29, 2008

Fashion du Jour! Literally?!? Dior

I came across these images from Christian Dior's 60th anniversary and had to share! they are finds from the Shoe Goddess. Check out the awesome shape/heel of the shoes! The first pair are total Guillotine Pumps. And if you were so fortunate to purchase one of these grand outfits, besides show everyone your closet, what would you do with it?? Where would you go when you wore it?? I would be totally content prancing around in my house and trying to go to any formal event I could find ;)


  1. Ahhh thank you for that!!

    On a side note. I would never take those shoes off at a party.

  2. Wow, those shoes! They're amaaaazing, but I have no idea how someone would walk in them.

  3. I love when fashion takes inspiration from Marie Antoinette. John Galliano did a great collection on the same theme a few years ago too, if I recall correctly...