The Honeymoon is over! | Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century: The Honeymoon is over!

August 06, 2008

The Honeymoon is over!

After the wedding décor was taken down and married life began, husband and wife were happy as could be. But...of course! Of course there were little problems here and there. Louis XVI did not always agree with her fashion sense and he did not agree with some of her hair styles either.

He also had little tendencies that bothered Marie. One was his over eating at meals! And you know she hinted to it and let him know, because that is what ladies do! But one day Louis had terrible indigestion and Marie, ‘had all the dishes containing pastry removed from his table and peremptorily forbade any more pastry to be served until further notice.’



  1. Ha! That's funny! They acted just like normal married couples. Thanks for the comment! I await your post!

  2. Umm...please wrote everytging in the right meaning if you already write a information about Louis XVI. Cause this incident was just a perfect reason for the Count de Mercy to make Louis bad in the eyes of the empress Marie Therese. Like he did very often before too. He wants to show that the Dauphine have Louis over a barrel and for a long time it was a kind of a evidence that Louis would be an boundless sybarite wich had themself eaten sick. But thats as said not true. Louis XV. lets spike all his dining on his "Souper" very spicy, to stimulate his sexual strengths and thats why Louis XVI. got this stomach upset (4 in 4 years) always only after a dinner with the king, like it was delineate from Mercy to this instance. MA was just displeased cause Louis was again together with his grandfather and Madame Du Barry.