This Worries Me: Marie & Gerogiana = Hot Mess! | Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century: This Worries Me: Marie & Gerogiana = Hot Mess!

August 12, 2008

This Worries Me: Marie & Gerogiana = Hot Mess!

"They find her full of is easier to win popularity than to retain it over time....Her Royal Highness sometimes forgets herself in the way she sits at her meals or at Cavagnol (a card game). Often her clothes are untidied by the little amusements of the day."

"Two of her curls had come unpinned...and her cloak...was flung half on and half off. Every creature turned back to star at her; she had a look of innocence and artlessness that made me quite sorry that she should be so foolishly negligent of her person."


  1. What was so scandalous about their dishevelment? I'm not up on the 18th century, but what is the significance of a lady (or Queen) looking frowsy after a long day's carousing? Is she supposed to look immaculate 24/7? Do loose clothes equal loose morals?

  2. Well if one IS innocent and without art, why wouldn't one allow curls to fall...after all, only vanity and self consciousness demand perfection of presentation!

  3. Those description sound like me on a good day! Thank god,there's no Fanny in my social circle.

  4. Yeah! I picture Fanny like a Madame de Plonge, a frienemy. I think one of my curls just fell. crap!
    That reminds me of how badly our curls feel after a day at the track. sigh!