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October 30, 2008


"Woman of a certain ton promenading. Her caraco of taffeta trimmed en pouf has short sleeves ending in manchettes to which sabot sleeves are attached. She wears a braided chignon with a rosette. In her left hand she as an ivory handled ebony cane; in her right a tiny dog."

This Fashion Plate from the Galerie des Modes dates 1778. Not to assume names, but at this time Georgiana was certainly already making fashion history in England and the ton was alive and well. I just love thinking she was the model for this fabulous plate!


  1. I just noticed on your blog that there is a book about Princess Lamballe. After I read "Georgiana, The Duchess of Devonshire", that is my next book. Thanks for that ad.

  2. I love getting to see a back view. It looks like the caraco has a saque back. Gorgeous! And don't you just adore those shoes? So practical for strolls across the countryside! :)
    Thanks for posting!

  3. Vickie, I think you will love that book! It has fun tid-bits about her relationship towards Little Po.

    Polonaise I love the back view too! I had all these ambitions of making a lovely pair of yellow shoes just like those...needless to say that has not happened yet. Materials are still sitting in my closet!

    But don't you find it a little scandalous that you can see SO MUCH of her ankles....then again, if she is a member of that ton....I suppose it is not that surprising ;o)