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October 22, 2008

Hello Gorgeous! A Rose Bertin Gown in Canada

Marie Antoinette’s court dress, attributed to dressmaker Marie Jeanne “Rose” Bertin, France 1780s. Purchased by C.T. Currelly. Photo by Joe Lewis

Everyone (literally - link, link, link, link, link!) has been raving about this gown, and I just cant blame them! Visit the Royal Ontario Museum website, and check out how fabulous this gown really is! It will be on display through Sunday and if you are in the area you must stop by!

For those of us who are not as fortunate as our Canadian friends, the website gives us a good look at the piece.

You may be wondering about the shape. Altered to fit a Victorian owner, the shape is off, and some material is lost to time. Trust me it does not take a hard look to re-alter the dress visually and understand how splendid it was. It is just stunning, and if you are use to looking at gowns in paintings and fashion plates, it becomes overwhelming imagining yourself in a sea of these glittering silk gowns, softly shining by candlelight glow.

Check out this video from the Royal Ontario Museum on the garment again more details found on the R.O.M. website.


  1. Fascinating! The dress is in remarkable condition for its age. Unlike myself, for example.


  2. wow!!!
    very nice gown!!
    i wish i were on ontario