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October 21, 2008

Price to be Posh

 "Each one immediately wished to wear the same things as the Queen, her feathers, her garlands of flowers, which charmingly became her beauty, then in all its splendour. The expenses of young women greatly increased, and mothers and husbands grumbled; some flighty individuals contracted debts, and deplorable family scenes ensued, several couples quarrelled or sulked, and it was generally rumoured that the Queen would ruin all the French ladies..."

Langlade, Émile, and A. S. Rappoport. 1913. Rose Bertin, the creator of fashion 
at the court of Marie-Antoinette. London: J. Long, limited.

I suppose if you are going to fall into debt, by means other than education costs, would you not want it to be on precious Christian Louboutin shoes, and Posh outfits

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  1. So true! Pay your bills or wrap yourself in luxury!?! I choose plumes, macarons, diamonds, silks, & couture!