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November 19, 2008

18th Century Movie: Casting Call

If only there could be a movie of our favorite stars, playing our favorite historical personalities! Every now and then I have my own thoughts of who should play who and I have posted some of them here. Of course this movie would have to be all encompassing, with the best highlights of everyone's life, if possible, all interlaced in a Crash or Love Actually type way! 120 minutes of 18th century madness that leaves you on the edge of your seat for the whole ride. Complete with poufs, powder, silk, diamonds, music, politics, sex, affairs, parties and gossip! That sounds pretty fabulous to me. Here are some of my character thoughts.

I really think Alexander Pope has to grace this movie in some way. Even if it is just him lounging around translating texts. Adrien Brody is the perfect fit for this scholarly and thoughtful character- no pun intended, lost in thought half the time sparking with thoughts and ideas the other half!Samantha Morton is the only actress fit for the spicy Sally Salisbury! A character who is a bit rough on the edges but beautiful to look at and kind of hilarious to watch! And Morton is so very good at what she does, Sally's life would never be so fun without her!
Jacques Louis David, love him or hate him. You will love watching this artist work on his political brainstorming, crazed artistic sketching and take the lead mannerisms especially when he is portrayed by the oh-so-talented Johnny Depp.

This is the fun part!! I invite you to put together your own character thoughts, who do you want to see in this move and who will they portray! It will be so interesting to see who everyone picks! If you have been reading the guides for a while now you will know that there is a variety of tarts and ladies to choose from, and some men too! If you are just visiting I trust you have a favorite political or royal personality of your own! Leave a comment and let the casting begin!


  1. ok so i am fully admitting my stupidity when it comes to historical male figures during this time period but can i just say anyone that resembles "clive owen"?

    hehehe :) i could stare and listen to him for hours....

  2. I thought that Alexander Pope was short and hunchbacked? I think that Adrien Brody should play Buckingham in the court of Charles II. Or Bute in the court of George III.

  3. Katie t: some brainstorming will have to be done! Funny thing, when I posted the 'Gossip Guide Topics' few people asked for more men! I wonder why!

    Elizabeth: yes he was quite crooked-thanks to dad!! Those are good suggestions, I have a feeling Brody is good for a few key parts. I am going to be coming up with these all day now...I am thinking the movie will need a sequel.

  4. I love the idea of Depp playing David. THe resemblance is quite amazing.

  5. Wonderful castings!! :)
    Well, I thought for awhile and figured out that Jeremy Northam would fit as Johann Friedrich Struensee. They have the same nose... :D But maybe it's just me.

  6. well I have to throw it out there, who should play Antoinette and Louis? What about Bess and Georgiana? So many to cast!

    Heather should let us know who she thinks should play G and Bess.... :o)

  7. I was thinking Madame Campan could be played by Elizabeth Berridge, the actress who played Constance Mozart in Amadeus.

  8. I will still hold out hope for a Kelly Reilly or Rosamund Pike Georgiana...but I never even thought of a Bess! Come to think of it, Pike would probably make an awesome Bess since she's good at looking innocent yet got her start as a Bond girl!
    And I'd like to put in for some Christian Bale as a Richard Sheridan, please and thank you!

  9. Christian Bale is required to be in the movie! Richard Sheridan you say? UM yes! well chosen.

    WHO should Gerard Butler play? hmmm...

  10. I often dream of a french version of "Dangerous liaisons"with Elsa Zylberstein ("Mina Tannenbaum", "Lautrec","Metroland", "Jefferson in Paris" as Merteuil. With her sweet face...wich she always plays parts in accordance with; -she'd be a wonderful, traitorous, scheming bitch of bitches.

    I would also love to see one of my favorite book "According to Queeney" by Beryl Bainbridge, as a film, maybe Samantha Morton as Hester Thrale...i wouldn't know who was to play Samuel Johnson...i know Robbie Coltrane did him in "Blac Adder"...probably not too accurately though.

    And Cate Blanchett as Sarah Siddons...oh, i couldn't imagine anyone else!

  11. Oh you're right! Now that you've said it I wouldn't want anyone else to play Siddons!