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November 25, 2008

Introducing Reine des Centfeuilles

Sometimes an occasion arises that requires you to pull your best robe à la franςaise from the back of the closet. When that day comes, will you be prepared?

To make sure you have the right gown for the right moment, I will have to insist you visit the Reine des Centfeuilles company website (another great find from Donna Sandra!). Wait let me start by showing you their adorable and picturesque studio/shop front! You know there are fabulous things inside! But on to the goods...

This company makes gorgeous garments, all inspired by the remaining threads from history. They make garments for historical movies (you know..the costume drama...) and for your closet too! The image here is of a ladies jacket and gilet, circa 1790. It is stunning! I am sure you want one after seeing the Victory Gown in The Duchess! There items are just quality. Don't you love the silver detailing on those buttons!
Do you have a proper gown in your closet yet???


  1. I can barely keep myself upright in my seat, I'm drooling so much!! I don't EVEN want to think about cost, but, oh, how I want something FABulous from these folks. (Somehow I don't think I'll be getting one for Christmas. Sigh.)

  2. Ahh!!! I have had such a passion for this period of clothing lately - just delicious. :)

    I actually just finished a Chemise la Reine which I shall be wearing to a grand ball on Friday. I'll by sure to let you know when I get pics up on my blog!

    Ahh!!! I'm so happy and excited! :D

  3. Oh, that dress would help to enhance my waistline. Sometimes, I wish we still dressed like that, crazy, huh?

  4. I wish we still dressed like that :) The bullion embroidery on tha dress is so exquisite! thanks for the picture.

  5. I adore that site :-) Such inspiration.... Sigh....

  6. Oh, i discovered that gorgeous site a couple of weeks ago, amazing work!

    The model of that suit is in the Kyoto costume institute and has been used in "Jefferson in Paris" worn as a riding habit by Greta Scacchi. I've always loved that style!