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March 24, 2009

18th Century Chic, in your home

Decor Decals, wonderful because they can make a boring white wall an interesting centerpiece, bring dimension to a bare room, promote that feeling of being somewhere extra fabulous, they can be peeled off if you tire of them and are rather affordable solutions to a fabulous room makeover!

Pick a room to dress up - bedroom, bathroom, living room, den. Any color paint will do and you can choose your decal colors. Soft pink walls? Go with a light gray appliqué. White walls remain classy with black. Some of my favorites are:

Baroque (baroque?)

Ta-Da! My favorite, Amsterdam. Perfect for a hallway lit by candlelight!

For a full room make over check out the great *18th century inspired* hand made wall paper designs at Nama Rococo!


  1. And to think how many naked walls we saw in England. So much space put to waste!

  2. I love the naked vines and the Baroque. I have a 'petit salon' that woulod look wonderful with either one of these:)

  3. Those are nice! Have you used them before? I'm worried about whether they would take off the paint when removed. Amsterdam is really neat! I think it would look good in an entrance, or beside/below a window, or as you suggested, in a hallway.

  4. The chandeliers are wonderful. Too bad I already have pictures/prints not hanging due to my lack of self control. Or my lack of wall space, depending on how you look at it :)

  5. My cousin had polka dot ones on her walls and they came off easily. I think you need to make sure that the wall is squeaky clean where you put them!

    I would really consider the Amsterdam one because it is so unique (and I love the place.) You can all come over to see my opulent bathroom complete with vinyl decals inspired by shell encrusted things...

  6. Amazing. I just saw some walls with Marie Antoinette images on them on the Paris Apartment blog. I must have those, only where do I find them :)

  7. These are adorable! I especially love the one of the rooftops by the crib.
    Nama's website is amazing too!

  8. I LOVE your blog as I love anything Marie Antoinette and would like to present you with the Kreativ Blog Award. To accept it please visit my blog and look to the left for the pink Kreativ Blog Award picture. Put it on your blog and then tell 7 things about yourself.. next pass it on to 7 other blogs of your choice.