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January 21, 2009

Be Back in a Few Due to Vapours

I found myself suffering a sever case of vapours last night and of course I could not find my smelling salts anywhere! It was quite unfortunate! I could not even find a bit of snuff! I will be laying low this week. O.k. I don't have a snuff box but yesterday I sure wished I had! This one is particularly fabulous and if I had one I would want it designed along these lines.

This snuff box dates mid 18th century and is French. The artist is Pierre-François-Mathis de Beaulieu, and it is made out of golds in different shades, and enameling. It features a portrait of Catherine II, a lady who had it going on! Perfect imagery to kind of bring you to your senses when suffering a bout.

Along the side panels of the snuff box are more imagery to bring you back to earth, and snap you out of it. They serve a dual purpose, represent dear Catherine's great qualities, and to remind us of our own inner qualities. Four personifications line the sides.

Strength of spirit
. This is important because you need to remember that you are in control here! And you are not crazy - no matter what that tart Fanny says!

Perpetual logic
. Très important. You do not
attend the best salons in Paris for nothing! You are wise amongst all modern day topics and your friends think so too!

Justice. Of course ! You don't deserve this spell, so surely it will go away soon, once the higher ups realize that.

. Need I say more? You know these feelings and you know just what they are! Time to get a grip open the box and get through this!

Head down and power through ladies, there is a pastoral themed ball tonight!


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