Do you love your toilette? | Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century: Do you love your toilette?

January 26, 2009

Do you love your toilette?

I stumbled on this lovely washroom set to update any room into a fabulous 18th century inspired escape! The design is so period, it is called Antoinette, and the simple colors would work in any room and you can spice it up with splashes of your favorite colors- whether they be insipid blue or pink! Even rich deep colors would look great!

My favorite thing about this set is that every piece has a different image on it! How rococo! The pastoral scenes are great, and the tissue box has a winter scene. The shower rings are all different and the bath towels are too fun! I also have to say that I will probably get that rug because its so classic. You only need a few pieces to set your room off!

There are only a few pieces left though :o/ and I think some are on sale. If you decorate your room with the set you have to send images! I should do a 'Readers Guide to 18th century Living' post! Let me know what you guys have done at home!


  1. Ooh, those are pretty! I love the bath mat and the wastebasket. Pierre Deux carries sort of similar designs, such as this fabric: And yes, it would be terrific if you made a guide to 18th-century living!!

  2. I love that fabric! That is a great design. I have my drawers lined with something similar but not as elegant. And it is scented paper too!

  3. I've always been tempted to buy scented paper! How long does the scent usually last? By the way, speaking of a guide to 18th-century living, have you ever seen "Old House Interiors" magazine? It isn't carried in too many places, but it is about period decorating in old American houses. It has a lot of articles about 18th-century houses, and beautiful photos with good recommendations on how to decorate in an old style.

  4. I love the towel set..and the rug. (Like Eliza,I'm also curious about the scented paper;-)

  5. Well my drawer liners were put in like 16 weeks ago and still smell nice. Plus they came in a pretty matching box.

    But I like to buy sachets and throw them in the drawers too, so I always have a scent lingering in there!

    I will have to check my library for Old House Interiors, sounds up my alley!