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January 24, 2009

Fashionable Lady: Rules and Guidelines

Women of fashion had very strict rules to stick with, if they wanted to keep their beloved title. Their life was ruled by what constituted a fashionable lady, and it was not all shopping for lace.
Well actually it was a lot of shopping for lace!

First things first, to be fashionable you needed to be up on the latest trends. Yes basic information right? But even people who think they are tres fashionable can fall behind on trends and that is just embarrassing. Remember Kenley and how embarrassing it was for her not being in on what's hot?

If if you were caught in last weeks and god forbid last month's style you would be laughed at! It was fun to see who fell behind in style and even more exciting when you obtained the new style first. So step one, be on top of your game and at the boutique first.

Marie Antoinette was always first to sport the latest in France, likewise Georgiana would pioneer new styles in England. The two even sent gifts to each other of serious fashion breakthroughs when discovered. A fashionable lady would look to Antoinette and Georgiana for a guide as to what to wear.

Once you managed to see what the queen was wearing sadly you could not run down to the shops and pick it up. Sometimes a latest style would not be sold to anyone (even the highest ladies of rank) for up to a week after it was premiered.

What else do you have to do to be Fashionable? This may seem silly now, but go get a small dog! All the fashionable ladies carried a small dog around with them. Sometimes in the rush of mornings a lady might be whisked off in her carriage while still in a daze, and if she forgot her dog, a second carriage would be sent to fetch him so she would have the puppy for the days events.

Requirements for a fashionable dog? Small, always white and at least, mostly white and usually has curly hair.

Last but not least, fashionable ladies were known as Lamps. Etiquette demanded that they did not rise before 11am. Later was not unusual. It made sense, considering the late night parties and gambling.

Breakfast? One cup of chocolate in bed!


  1. I'll have you know, I was very fashionable this morning.

  2. i'll have you know, i am still in bed this morning :)

    question...i can't get into the "wuthering heights" series today. i could yesterday, but not today? can you help me out since you so kindly did so with "tess"?

    thanks a million times...

  3. oh...i just got it :) thanks!!!!

  4. I'll have you know, I would have been the maid this morning.

  5. Now that I'm reading "Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire" after reading "Queen of Fashion" there has been a question nagging at me: Who wore the pouf first--Marie-Antoinette or Georgiana? In "Georgiana" it says she was the first to wear the "three-foot tower" and the first to wear ostrich feathers, but I thought Antoinette did it first. Or is it that Georgiana was the first to introduce the styles specifically in England? I feel like they can't have independently and simultaneously come up with the idea.

    Anyone know?

  6. Dear Readers,
    I can not believe all my readers are so fashionable! I was very unfashionable this morning and I am quite envious of you all!

    Meghan check the next post! Hope it answers your question!


  7. I plan on being very fashionable tomorrow morning! Pouf and all!

  8. Not only was I fashionble, I was chic!

    And thank you, Lauren, for the white dog from The Mall. He's a superstar.

  9. I love posts like this! :)

    The "dog-fashion" still exists I think. I mean, just look at Paris Hilton... *shivers*.

  10. I was oh so fashionable this morning--went to bed at 4am and got up at noon :) There was no hot chocolate to be found, however.

  11. I hope that means you were doing some fabulous 18th century style partying into the wee hours then! Complete with gambling of course!