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January 07, 2009

Footwear for the Modern Duchess

Its a new year and I was just looking for ways in which I could infuse my closet with some Antoinette-esque key items. I was considering color, shapes and ornaments - and then I thought, what modern interpretations would the fabulous tarts and femmes like?

What do you think? Would Marie dare adorn her feet in any of these creations? Do some scream "oh she is a Du Barry" or "innovative duchess" or "breathtaking countess" Should I add some to my collection? What would you choose?

1Nine West Women's Erland Sandal
2Bandolino Women's Dacoda Pump
3Nina Women's Paladin Pump
4Nine West Women's Gidsa Pump
5Hale Bob Women's Rosy Pump
6J. Renee Women's Elvira Slide
7Irregular Choice Women's Countess Pump
8Matisse Brandy Low Heel Pump
9Irregular Choice Women's Cluedo Pump


  1. I would have to say that the 2nd, 5th and 9th shoes are the most "Anotoinett-esque"
    Simply beautiful.
    7 and 8 are lovely as well though I must admit that i really don't care for 1, 3, 4 and 6

  2. 7 is sooo fun to me... Heather what do you think?

  3. You are very mean. Here I already went and bought two new pairs of shoes this month and you taunt me with more? Shame on you.

  4. No, no you have to think of it as an "Investment for the year"

  5. Oh the pink! No, the blue....all of them.

  6. I like 2 and 5 and I think 7 would be too cute if they weren't that insipid blue. 4 and 9 don't do a thing for me.

  7. You just HAD to mention the insipid pink, didn't you? That's a girly weakness of mine. Especially with the bitton--so 80's. (I guess my age is showing.)

  8. Ooh gorgeous shoes! Have you seen these Marie Antoinette inspired shoes? I start drooling every time I look at them...


    Kira, those shoes are just mean because they can't be worn!

  10. I love the beige shoe with the bow and also the low heal beigy-gold number.

    SHOES, I love SHOES!!

    I hear, "I want candy!" in the background.

  11. I love the countess pump! (the blue ones) also the first 3 are really pretty to me. Great shoes!

  12. Give me shoes!!!!! I love 3,5 and 9- all in pink please (now if I could only find a place to wear them).

  13. don't be silly! you can wear these anywhere! Wear 3 out to dinner with your girl friends, wear 5 on vacation and wear 9 everywhere!! To the shopping center, out on errands, wear them on a day trip....

    I think I like 9 more and more. I like them in black and silver too!

  14. Okay, so then I could also go for 2 and 7- why not!

  15. my favorite are #9!!!! i love them!

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  17. While many of these shoes are adorable, I'm not sure one can omit the possibility, nay, likelihood, that Marie, as Queen of France, would have some pressure put upon her to choose French designers first, to promote their many fine artisans and craftsmen.

    With that in mind, she wouldn't be without some spectacular (or at least interesting) choices of today's French shoe designers, such as Lanvin, Chloe and definitely Dior.

    However, what is known of Marie indicates to me that she would be wild about Christian Lacroix. He strikes me as exactly her type for his imagination and attention to detail.

    Besides, could you imagine what he would have done with her peasant fetish?

  18. All those shoes are stunning.
    Most i like the middle once...its very romantic :-)

    If you want see my Marie Antoinette creations just visit my blog ;-)

    Lovely regards from germany