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January 04, 2009

Nothing to do? Watch Tess Tonight

Part I is playing at 9pm on PBS tonight. If you can't watch it tonight have no fear!
You can watch the full Part I online here!
The online episode will only be up for a limited time.
Let me know what you think!


  1. Too bad I am totally in love with Alec, the bad guy!

  2. It is that 'bad boy' charm! I think girls could be swayed by his "nice boy" change in attitude during the middle of the whole ordeal!! and that sexy hair... :o)

  3. something must be wrong with my won't let me play it and my t-vo did not record it last night!!!! :( x 100000000

    i am dying!

  4. OK let's not painic! Does this link work? Do you have Quicktime? if not you can get it free here

    hope this helps!

  5. If you have Windows Media Player, you can watch it here, and double click to make it Full Screen

  6. ok!!! so it worked and i am hooked. there are so many different emotions that are going through my many character much sorrow yet joy yet optimism...

    i could go on but i won't bore you! I LOVE IT :)

  7. oh yeah...i am torn...i love angel because i feel sorry for him because all that he desires is acceptance and i love mr claire because of his innocence, romanticism, and true love

  8. What are your opinions on casting?

    I think the casting for Alec was great- when I read the book I pictured him a bit older and less attractive making him seem more creepy, but in the film Alec came off as much more ...dangerous... more of a real threat to the innocence of Tess.

    A lot of people also seem to think Angel Clare was cast too young, but personally I expected him to be younger, because he was traveling with his brothers when he was rather young, and he would be a college bound age when he was at Mr. Crick's farm (as his dad did not put him through Cambridge)

  9. Merci x 100000000!
    I missed Tess on Sunday so i'm thrilled that i can view it online. Time to go watch the video! :)