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January 08, 2009

The Queen Just Stepped Out to Recieve the Duchess of Devonshire

If you go to Petit Trianon you can wander through the interior, noticing the lovely details of walls, furniture, colors, flooring and the view. You may also stumble into private quarters, where small exclusive gatherings took place; nights of music, comedy and gossip. Another thing to notice are the small items that were owned by Marie Antoinette, on display, as Paris Atelier puts it,
"The museum wanted one to feel as though the Queen had just stepped out for a moment and you looking into a day in her life."
Well, Paris Atelier also posted this photo and I couldn't help notice this small compact. If you want your own like this, then you are in luck that I am such a fan of pretty make up. Mac has offered a holiday series and the 2007 series, Royal Assets, features a compact oh so like this one!

Unfortunately Royal Assets was a limited edition, and now can only be found on ebay for a steep rate. Worth it? The case comes in antiqued silver or gold with the special mac crown enblem. The palettes come with 2 shades of color, and 1 shade of gloss (I mean a shade of lipglass) - which smells like chocolate. Color names include Courting Rose, Reigning Pink, Lady Ship, Pure Pomp, Sceptre, Privee, Cardinal and Media. So if you have to have it, you can get it!

Still want the sweet 3 lip compact? Mac is selling sets from their 2008 line, Viva Glam on their website. The case is not as 18th century as the Royal Assets case but it is just as pretty with a large gem in the center, mirror, application brush and yes, the lip gloss smells of chocolate!


  1. Hi there,love your blog.I was looking at some of your things and really loved everything I've seen.Arn't those shoes to die for?I will be back.Hugs Marie Antionette

  2. Thanks! and , yes, those shoes are fab and they are causing me much trouble as I decide which pair to get....

  3. Hi LAuren,
    Thanks for the mention Doll! I love those MAC compacts...worth it...definatly! Thanks again and great find on the compacts, I'm still wanting that MA umbrella though!

  4. Hmm...this week certainly turning out to be the week for fashion with favourite blogs turning up shoes, compacts, fat clothes...Love it!