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February 26, 2009

Christian Louboutin & Marie Antoinette Sitting in A Tree

I just have to say, and I may have said it before, I adore the little works of art Monsieur Christian Louboutin creates. He had just tormented me with cute shoe after cute shoe. Now he takes it too far.

The latest jaw dropping creation of Louboutin, contrived with Jean-Francois Lesage, is on sale to the public. They worked together to make these fabulous Marie Antoinette inspired shoes, which, in my opinion, are beyond fabulous. I can't even take the whole shoe in! I get to the ship and overdoes on *shoes!*

It has it all, delicate embroideries on the base of the shoe...think embroidered satin gown. Then there are the ribbon details....lacing around the bodice of the gown, and topped off with a fabulous over the top head piece - which is an accent on the ankle. The look overall, is sexy and ultra feminine. It is a serious tribute to the late Queen, but yet fun and playful!

Another exciting thing is that although they may seem a bit too much for a non-Queen... they actually look great on! A non-Queen could totally get away with these satin lovelies!

In any case, if you want a pair, then take off of work and get to Louboutin's Madison Avenue boutique. The shoes come with a special collectors booklet, showing the design process, fabulous box and have a special number on them. The special number? 1-36. YES only 36 lucky ladies will own these shoes. The ticket? $6,295.
You can bet if I had it I would drop it for these.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that you are one of them! And if one of my lovely readers does score a pair, you are hereby required to take lots of pictures of them and share! I hope Victoria Beckham gets a pair because I know she will wear them, they would offset her new dress line perfectly!

If you catch any pictures of people wearing them send them in too! Personally I just love the pink ones, there is a deep blue pair ideal for evenings, but the yellow are so springy and would go great with a floral polonaise gown...


  1. Mamma mia, I adore Christian Louboutin,and I would totally buy these shoes if I could afford them. Which is probably why God keeps me poor.

  2. C'est magnifique- Those shoes are fan(fun)tastic! Isn't Christian a fabulous designer? Someday, I'll own a pair of Louboutin shoes.
    -marie @ mariesmarche

  3. We all deserve such fabulous shoes!
    If only they were a cool $50.00

  4. Ooh, those are nice!! I love the little ship! I wonder if they're already sold out--not that I'm in a position to buy them. I couldn't even afford them if they cost $50!

  5. Wow, they are stunning, but given the height of the heel, I could not imagine wearing them. I hope the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto acquires a pair. They are simply too divine to go into someone's closet!

  6. I love Louboutin! These shoes are a work of art- and the colours...!!

  7. I've left you an award on my blog! You can view it here:

  8. Très jolie! I would LOVE to be one of the 36 lucky ladies, but most unfortunately, though they may look amazing on non-queens, they are not priced for them :(

  9. :O BEAUTIFUL SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I absolutely love Louboutin <3

  10. Oh oh oh I have heard so much about these shoes! Aren't they just fabulous?

    Mlle M.


  11. If only I could win the lottery!