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February 15, 2009

Poll: Tea and Evening Garden Party

Who would you most want to have tea with and later attend an evening garden party???

Emma Hamilton 2%
Lady Bess Foster 2%
Madame du Barry 19%
Madame Vigee-Le Brun 21%
Duchesse de Polignac 21%
Georgiana D of D 28%
Marie Antoinette 71%


  1. Ack! It won't let me vote. My choice would be Georgiana, of course.

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  3. The polls are closed,but I would add my vote for Marie Antoinette of course.

  4. I would of course choose to spend the time with my Archduchess Maria Antonia. We have not seen one another since we were children; there would a great deal to catch up on!

    I have nominated your excellent blog for the Excessively Diverted blog award. Please drop by at your convenience to claim it.

  5. The polls' closed! I think I'd split my time between MA and Georgiana-what a splendid time I'd have:)