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March 10, 2009

Fashion Alert: Louis XV Trend Summer 2009

Fashion Alert!
This summer you must be caught in this look. It is called Louis XV and it is hot! Inspired by his royal highness when he was just 19, this style is the perfect look to wear if you are going to be shopping on high street, attending the races, or just running errands. It is a daytime look.

First rule is pick a variation of blue. Blue was Louis' favorite color and it is very important for it to be the main color of the outfit. To start this look you can go all out fabulous with a blue silky dress (Express), which says you are high fashion and ready for the day. OR if you don't feel like wearing a dress, go with a more casual skirt (TopShop). Pair this with a silver, bronze, pink or white top. The great thing about this look is that either way, it is casual enough for every day activities!

Next we are going to pair up your dress/ skirt with these soft pink, cropped leggings (Fashion Junkie). This instantly dresses down the look and makes it versatile for going out and about.

Finally, add the finishing touches! Sandals in the roman fashion (Blowfish), make this look complete. These are perfect because they are beyond comfortable. The style of the sandals is casual and fit for summer, and the wrapping of the cords gives a 'casual but elegant' look. This little detail really sets off the style.
There you have it! Fashion a la Louis XV.


  1. Hi..
    Nice blog..
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  2. Interesting. It looks more like a Roman gladiator to me. Surprising then that Louis XV would wear such a thing.

  3. Oh I'm sure it was some sort of costume for a portrait in order to compare him to the great Roman leaders of old.

  4. I love how you find modern items to recreate the outfit. Great job.

  5. Thanks! I thought it was funny!!

  6. Les Français! What shall they come up with next? Somehow, I cannot quite see myself in a blue shirt with pink leggings! The sandals appear to be comfortable, however. Much better than these silk hose and leather shoes.

  7. Looks fantastic! I liked the roman sandals when they came out a while back, so this is a look that I really do approve of! Not too sure about the leggings though. Interesting!