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April 20, 2009

Continuez l'opéra! Sacchini

Marie Antoinette loved music, theater, concerts and was a great patron of the opera. She even had her own theater! By 1777 she was taking singing lessons by the composer Piccinni two times a week! He came to Paris from Italy where he was very well known, and Italian opera continued to increase in popularity while he was there.

Antoinette's brother, the Emperor Joseph, wrote to her suggesting another Italian composer, Sacchini. Sacchini had been working in London at the time. It was only natural for her to look into the composer. Soon after she received Joesph's letter Sacchini was working on French operas in Paris! He worked in the style of Gluck, but his pieces never gained much success until his Oedipe à Colone. Unfortunately, although it became very popular, this did not happen until 1786, a year after he died!

Listen to clips from his famous opera below and then fill out the new poll! (it will take you to a new window to see the results)


  1. There's a long, beautiful scene in "Jefferson in Paris" set at the opera, where they perform airs and ballets from Sacchini's "Dardanus", the conductor was no less than William Christie and his orchestra Les Arts Florissants, all the music is included on the soundtrack cd wich can be found at's a beautiful soundrack! Reccomend it!

  2. J'adore l'opera! Had I been alive I would have been at it's premier--in the front seats! Forget fashion on such occasions, it's the music that matters!

  3. How about buying the hat and then wearing it to the opera so that you are good eye candy for the someone who paid for your seat? A simple solution to the problem!