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April 22, 2009

Dress of the Year, 1774 that is.

I just want to say that I find this gown AMAZING. It's exactly how I grew up imagining gowns of fairy tales!

It is the wedding gown of Edwige Elizabeth Charlotte Holstein-Gottorp (1774 France/Sweden.) Would you wear it for you wedding?? I just love the detail, its unreal! I am going to direct you all to the Court Pomp and Royal Ceremony (featured by Chanel=fabulousness ensues) website, which is wonderful! Get browsing!

And if you are so fortunate to go to this show, please report back, only a few select items are on the site, and I wont be in town before the exhibition closes!

Here is an image of Elizabeth Charlotte in the gown from Madame Berg via 18th Century Blog!


  1. It's so incredible and sooo tiny! Didn't they eat back then!?!

  2. I saw it! I saw it!
    It's amazing...

  3. Oh Élisabeth I am so very jealous! What did you think of the show??

    I just want to see how I would actually have to move in that dress. I can't imagine how I would hold myself!

  4. It is a amazing! Can you imagine getting through a doorway though? LOL... I guess they just stood around and look gorgeous~


  5. It belongs to the museum Livrustkammaren here in Stockholm but I don't know if it's normally on display, there's a few other gown like this there at least. I must go ther soon, since I can't make it to Versailles...

    Here's a picture of the princess wearing the gown - painted by no other than Roslin http://18thcenturyblog.com/images/uploads/124_medium.jpg

  6. Joanna- Narrow doorways would never do! It was probably a good work out though!

    Madame Berg- I wonder if they do keep it on display, I have never been! Thank you for sharing that picture! I will throw it on the post for comparison!

  7. I live in the same town as that dress and have seen it more often than i can count...last was at the grand Alexander Roslin exhibition at the National museum where it was displayed alongside the official portrait of the lady in that very dress...and the catalogue was amazing, with all the portraits in ful colour and with covers in light blue satin. She also wrote a charming journal, might post tidbits from them some day.

  8. "I live in the same town as that dress "
    You lucky betch, I am so jealous! :o)

    You really should post some bits from the journal! I will patiently wait for them!

  9. I was also fortunate enough to see the show at Versailles a couple of weeks ago and it was FABULOUS!! And that's an understatement. I even bought the book, despite it being in French (and in Euros). Unfortunately, photos were not allowed, though that sure didn't stop most people and the security people really didn't give a hoot.

    I'd say one of my fave pieces was a piece of uncut material in the last room of the exhibition. It was right next to the Canadian dress attributed to Rose Bertin. They were quite similar, but the uncut one was more detailed and had swans down sewn into it. Can you even imagine how hard it must be to work with swans down?

    It was an extra banner day, as I was able to take a tour of Marie Antionette's private apartments. As well as finally getting to see the Trianon (which was closed last year when I was there).

    Okay. Enough rambling.

  10. Rambling! I could read your review all day!! It is exactly what I have been looking for.

    No I can not imagine working with swans down, It sounds amazing! I am going to have to look into the catalog...le sigh!

    I love when little things grab your attention like a piece of fabric at an amazing clothing show. Just like me loving the entrance to a sub-par hat show!

    I'd love to hear what you thought of the Trianon! I think today is just a full day of me being jealous of my lucky readers!!

  11. What a magnificent dress. At least I wouldn't have to worry about my hips looking to big. :)

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  12. Gorgeous!! The waistline is so small. She must have been corseted in really well.

  13. If I ever get married - I'm wearing a dress inspired by this one!!! It's like you said - it's exactly like I imagined fairy tale princess dresses when I was a little girl! <3