Oh my! Mirabeau | Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century: Oh my! Mirabeau

April 29, 2009

Oh my! Mirabeau

Mirabeau was in the habit of sleeping in the Italian fashion....

The Italian fashion was to sleep completely naked!


  1. LOL, its funny to think that was scandallous until you remember that people wore a bathing gown in the tub - wearing clothing in a bathtub always sounded a bit odd to me. ;)

  2. Imagine the horror of the Italian fashion- if you were one of the truely modest and required a bathing gown! Shocking I'm sure! :o)

  3. And judging by that painting I'm sure that's something everyone wanted to see.

  4. i know a few italians that honor the 18th century and follow suit!

    I know a few non-italians too... lol

    P.s. I thought they only wore bathing gowns because they had servants who were with them when they bathed? Sleeping seemed to be a more private affair...

  5. heehee, i must agree with the latter poster, for i know a quite few italians who honored the eighteenth century style of sleeping....