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May 20, 2009

Alchemy, espionage, intrigue, and treachery…

Hmm.... What do you think? I LOVE the soundtrack! ;o)

"Here you are with Oscar at Versailles in 1682. An elaborate investigation awaits you. To solve it, you will need to put yourself into the skin of a 17th century gentleman (oh my!) and avoid the traps set for you by a mysterious enemy…

To achieve your goal you will need humour, logic and shrewd judgment. (sounds about right!)
Fight with a dagger! Dance the Menuet! Use your catapult as in these old days. The Sun King, Vauban, Seignelay and over 30 fun, sinister and brilliant characters accompany you! Valets, Marquesses and knaves, they are all there to help you, to entertain you, or to challenge you!

Discover the Château de Versailles in 1682, the King’s apartments, the gardens,
the menagerie and the town, as well as numerous other areas of Versailles, some well-known, others unexpected!"


  1. Is this game available for the masses yet?

  2. It sure is! Want to order some copies?

  3. Ooo perhaps! Althought the sims 3 is coming out soon and you know how that's my crack

  4. I can't wait to see how the sims 3 is. I really hope it's easier to customize the pc generated townies so my 18th century people actually have a complete 18th century world. Tee Hee.

  5. These Gossip blogs are so bad for my wallet! I had to run out (figuratively speaking, since I only ran to Amazon) and buy a copy right away. I have become a total Versailles junkie after my first trip there last year. I even had to go back a couple months ago to see that Court Pomp show. I'm out of control! ;)

  6. PS

    I also found Versailles II: Testament of the King. The only place I've found it is eBay and it's quite cheap.

    Now, back to my real work. Riiiight.

  7. This game would be much better if we could all join together and solve mysteries!

  8. Oh god, I would have even less of a life than I do now if that were the case!

    Lauren- from what I can tell Sims 3 will be limitless! 18th century styles might be a slow blog month for me when I get that game.