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May 25, 2009

Apartments of the Duc & Duchesse d'Orléans

Marie Antoinette's great grandparents, the Duc & Duchesse d'Orléans were quite the pair! The fact that they were complete opposites was demonstrated throughout their home.

The apartments they occupied were uniquely their own; of Philipe they were heavily scented (remember he loved his fragrances), he sprayed and applied enough perfume for days! He kept many fancy toys and knick-knacks hanging around-everywhere! He had delicate porcelains and ornate trinkets.

Quite the opposite from the stuffy, scented rooms of Philipe were those of his wife Liselotte. Just next door she kept her windows open during every season! She loved to have fresh air circulating throughout the room, and indeed it was healthy (she was very health conscious). She kept the walls clear, aside from portraits of her German relatives. Not many trinkets were found cluttering up the space and she also kept several pets. Birds, dogs, etc. This made it even more important for the place to be aired out regularly!


  1. Goodness--they really were complete opposites! I'd heard of Liselotte, she must have stood out at Versailles! Being an active, no-frills type of woman. Thanks for this post. Although what I always wonder about in cases like this is how the lady manages to keep from tearing her hair out over her husband!

  2. Very different personalities! I think that would have happened if I married my ex boyfriend....

    So, are you an art historian? I'm studying to be one!

    Oh, and remember you're always welcome to my blog, especially now that I've added the translator widget for all you non-spanish speakers =)

    Au revoir madmoiselle!

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  4. You do know you have a picture of SON and mother right? Wrong duc!


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  8. This was a lovely tidbit into the personal lives of this couple. It is said that opposites attract and perhaps it was so in this case.