Fashionable....Buttons? | Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century: Fashionable....Buttons?

May 18, 2009


It's the late 18th century and you have nothing to do except shop! When selecting the details of the frock you would like made, there are lots of choices to be made! First, fabric. Color is also important, what was in 2 weeks ago? What is in now, but more importantly, what has the Queen ordered? As that will be in 2 weeks from now!

You might want to take careful consideration to which buttons you choose. Steel buttons always look very nice, especially polished. However, they do tend to rust, and that alone will ruin the garment! This can be prevented, but they require cleaning more than often, to keep them in pristine shape.

A more affordable and dazzling solution would be Mother of Pearl buttons! They are more fashion forward, new and exciting! Especially compared to metal and steel buttons. They catch the light and look very elegant and more ornamental than heavy metal ones. Usually they were large and stood out on a garment. They are also very durable and tend not to chip! As far as price, they come from a variety of shell types, so prices could be very reasonable!


  1. If only! I would love to have the money to obsess over the details of a new outfit and have one custome made for me.

  2. I love buttons! You can change the personality of a garment by changing the buttons!

  3. Le have the money to be able to obsess over this sort of thing. When the Duc d'Orleans visited Devonshire House (or was it Chatsworth?) his buttons were the topic of the week.

  4. sorry for interrupting this wonderful post... but i need you help: I was looking for a pic of Kristen Dunst as Marie Antoinette that appeared in the cover of "Vogue". I wonder if you have it... and if you find it without the "letters" (I mean, the pic itself), better :)

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Lovely post. Bottons add character to garments and statement too.