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May 07, 2009

Give Away Count Down!

The Countdown has begun!
You now have until midnight tonight to submit your gossip to either Heather or I for the Gossip Party which will be held tomorrow on both of our blogs. Remember, email either of us with your 18th century gossip and you will be qualified to win some fabulous prizes from each of our blogs.

English Gossip = GeorgianaGossip (at)

French Gossip = MarieAntoinetteGossip (at)

Of course, don't forget to to write which prize you prefer at the bottom of the email! And if you have any questions at all about the Give Away just email me and I will get right back to you!
Can't wait to hear your gossip!!
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Gossip Party Rules & How to Enter


  1. Yay I am sooooo excited! :D

    (Baby Mama voice)

  2. How fun is this??? Merci for hosting such a fun giveaway. Felicitations on you first year bloggiversary!

  3. The gossip I am receiving so far has been great!!!!

    Keep the entries coming!
    Remember send them to me at:
    MarieAntoinetteGossip (at)

  4. I wish I could think of something :( All I can think of is 17th century or so obvious it's not really gossip...

  5. Eliza! No excuse! Just pull your fav bit of gossip you have read here! or send along the 17th century stuff anyway! I am dying to hear it!

  6. Well, I do have the excuse that I have flu brain, plus not getting to take time off work, plus putting together an application for grad school. I think I'll send the 17th century gossip anyway just for fun!