"OMG did the Queen just drive by?!" | Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century: "OMG did the Queen just drive by?!"

May 04, 2009

"OMG did the Queen just drive by?!"

Louis ruled over France for 10 months before his coronation ceremony at Reims, naturally many wanted to see the new king and his queen! When he was crowned he never formally greeted the crowds of people who came to see him, but he did take the time to lay a stone at the University of Reims...

Afterward they newly crowned king and his lady traveled to Louis-le-Grand, (not Fedde-le-Grand!) where they were to hear a speech at the University of Paris. It was raining though, so they didn't get out of their carriage for the speech! I mean, they were dressed to impress!

Needless to say some people were kind-of bummed out...


  1. Heehee! "It's raining"; good excuse to go do something more fun than listen to a speech!!

  2. lol, Maximillien Robespierre was giving the Latin oration, wasn't he? I remember reading that the carriage drove off in the middle of the speech, completely covering him in mud.