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June 12, 2009

Carriage Ride for Two?

"How many liaisons begin briskly by insolence in a carriage, the coachman of which is particular about taking the longest road, to play deaf, and to make the horses go slowly...."

Messrs de Goucourt V Amour au XVIII Siecle


  1. Ooo la la!!

    With road conditions at that time being what they were, a liaison in a carriage really could have been something else. Haha!

  2. Dang! I need to get myself a carriage!

  3. You can do pretty much in a carriage during the ride. I've heard about prostitutes, in the 19th century (it's not impossible that this also exitsed in the 18th century) Stockholm, and they used the carriage for their "work." The coachman drove to a unpeopled place, like Djurgården, and went slow and steady to not disturb the couple inside. This was called "transporting glass."

  4. Oh! "Transporting Glass" I love that!! Thanks for this great info!

  5. What a wonderful quote! Sounds like they'd need good suspension...