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July 21, 2009

Your Conversation Piece

What 18th century furnishings do you want in your living room? When you see a piece like this one, it really stands out as the perfect conversation piece.

Guest come in, look around, see it, go through the usual chit chat, maybe mosey over to it and finally pop the question: This is amazing/so different/unique where did you get it! or what is this!?

Yes a conversation piece that leads to a conversation you would just love to have! You can unleash your inner love for the 18th century and their beautiful decorative arts, discuss styles and inspirations! Impress them with your exquisite taste. Not to mention when you are not entertaining it would be a lovely accent to your relaxing room.

The 18th century conversation piece. What would you have in your living room??

My 18th century conversation piece!


  1. A spittoon, dahling, a fine authentic specimen made of silver or porcelain. The spittoon would generate this discussion: Name at least one good reason why a woman should stand behind her man.

  2. I would certainly need some sort of massive history painting or a room full of murals. If those count that is!

  3. @ Vic, wow - I think you win the award for "best conversation starter piece!"

    @Heather...a history painting? like what! examples please!

  4. Oh god, it would have to be something ridiculous and over the top like a Benjamin West. Death on Pale Horse comes to mind. Grim but a definite conversation starter. As long as it's in your face and huge.

  5. Beautiful! I love the harpsichord also. I would like this trifle of a decor item *wink*
    LOL, just a small thing, quite trivial you know :-D

  6. @Meghan I love the item you chose!
    It is understated for sure ;)

  7. Does a suite count as one item? I fell in love with a pair of chairs (one with arms), a footstool and firescreen that MA had for her Trianon. It's the wheat set and when I saw it in San Francisco last year at the Marie show it just mesmerized me like it was Alan Rickman. I had to keep going back to take one last look. The fabric is all original and embroidered in wool, but when I saw it again this year the fabric was different and Totally Wrong. Still wondering what's with that. Change for the spring/summer months? I know that was a common practice.

    It's the first chair here: