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August 30, 2009

The Fashionable Male

The fashion that dominated for eighteenth century men: suits.  The jackets had coat skirts (full and fancy) and the trousers were short.  In warm seasons the trend was to wear silk, and limit embroidery. For cooler seasons the popular fabric was wool.

When Louis XVI and Antoinette took the throne a popular style was to have the waistcoat show a bit.  During their reign it was more stylish for men to dress in darker colors (Sorry I know you all love those baby pink silk ones!)


If you are interested in dressing the part of a fashionable male I have stumbled across a new store that sells such garments.  It is called Pimpernel Clothing and can be found here.  Take note that they are offering domestic and international free shipping!  If you are not looking for fashionable menswear, check out their historical playing cards!!


  1. Dear me, the cards are beautiful! And so are the men suits, but would you happen to know about such a web site that sells internationally too, but with women's clothing and accessories? I would love to check one of those. Lovely blog, keep up the good work! :-)

  2. Just what Ive been looking for. Thank you!

    I found the most beautiful coat in Manhattan store yesterday. Im going to kick myself for not getting it.

  3. How cool! I love their playing cards, very neat :)

  4. Lauren, who's the hunk in the pic on this post? Reminds me of the guy who played the Scarlet Pimpernel in the 80's version with la Seymour. I think I was twelve and that might have been my first star crush.

  5. Ah, neat! It's rare to find good information on 18th century male clothing nowadays. Also, that site is amazing! Thanks. :)

  6. Paul, I think it's Simon Baker in "The Affair of the Necklace".

    Sorry to nitpick Lauren, but there's a typo in the article, it should read "throne" and not "thrown".


  7. It is Simon Baker!
    @Lauren thanks!

  8. My! You always know how to get me excited! I love these post on men(s fashion). I adore the site you posted, thank you love. If anyone likes contemporary revisions of 18th century clothing for women, my friend has a company under the name and recently she has a new collection called Atelier: Visions of Versailles. Juli*a*rtemise you should check it out.