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September 04, 2009

Love it? Art

"The Excavation of a Roman Ruin"

Just had to share this work by Jean Honoré Fragonard!
2 quick questions:
  1.  What do you think of it?
  2. How much money do you think this watercolor sold for at auction?


  1. It's good, but not brilliant. Are those excavated Romans standing there in togas or statues or... ? I can't quite make it out. Probably sold for 650 thousand.

  2. I love it. It seems to post-date its time, having an almost Impressionist style. It is very dreamy.

  3. I'm with Paul on this. The dreamy quality suits the idea of a ruin. I'm sure whatever it went for is a bit outside my budget. I'll say half a million. He's not as well known for his watercolors, so I'm thinking it would go for less than one of oils.

    Lovin' Fragonard Friday! You've set a pretty high bar there.

  4. I was just about to say the style was impressionist but Paul beat me to it! :O) I like it too, especially for the atmospheric quality it has and I LOVE the way Fragonard painted trees. :)

    Value... hmmmm..... lots! lol

  5. I think it is lovey. I always admire artists who can work in watercolor. It is a wicked medium.

  6. I do love it. Thank you, Lauren, for introducing me to Fragonard.

  7. @ Tulip:
    No need to thank me! It would have happened sooner or later! :o)

  8. I love it, Frognard is one of my favourite artists, but I do not regard it as one of his best. But I love how he used the watercolours in this, as stated above; it is very dreamy.